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How to achieve the benign development of flour machine industry?

Apr. 26, 2019

The Industrial Flour Mill Machine has promoted the grain processing equipment unceasingly development and the transformation, has the development to be able to have the competition. We want to promote the flour machine industry along the direction of benign development, which puts forward specific requirements for the development direction of flour machine, the specific development direction has the following points:

1, environmental protection, energy saving, reduce energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction is the future goal of the industry, flour machine must environmental protection, energy saving, reduce pollution, to achieve low-carbon development.

2. The industrial structure of flour machine has been constantly optimized, and the scale and group resources of the enterprise have been further concentrated to the advantageous enterprises.

3. The regional layout is more reasonable and the base construction of flour machine is strengthened to make the regional layout more reasonable.

4. Continuously establish a safe, high-quality and efficient flour machine technical support system and supervision system, and maintain the sustainable development policy.

5. Maintain the coordinated development of economy, and the flour machine industry has maintained a sustained growth.

Flour is the basic guarantee of our diet and life. It plays a decisive role in our daily life. Professional flour machinery equipment is particularly important. Customers in the choice of equipment must pay attention to the choice of professional, which is the basic guarantee of their late market development.

Industrial Flour Mill Machine

Both flour machinery and equipment or corn processing equipment are better choices in grain processing, this kind of finished product market is the most extensive, the market is the economic guarantee of flour machinery and equipment.

The processing characteristics of the stone mill flour machine retain the nutrients in the flour. Flour processing process has to go through high speed and high temperature two processes, usually, the vitamins, minerals, activities and nutrients are mostly destroyed, for this case, the introduction of stone mill flour machine low-temperature processing method, benefit the country and the people.

Stone mill flour machine through low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, processing of crop nutrients are not damaged, green environmental protection. The invention of this machine makes the industrialization of traditional stone mill a reality. It is a professional product for flour mills and rural mills to produce green and safe flour.

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