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Notes when purchasing flour machinery

May. 08, 2019

Notes for purchasing flour machinery:

Industrial Flour Mill Machine body is a casting material, USES the steel plate welding, except with special cutting function, machines also the sizing device, shredded material under the effect of air flow, after classifying device and collection, grading device instead of comminution equipment screen mesh, can complete the fine crushing and powder separation at the same time two processing procedures, one-time into slag powder in everything in a glance, yield 100%.

Flour machine can adjust product fineness at any time, fineness uniformity, no need to increase the screening machine. The wearing parts of the grinding machine are all made of special wear-resisting materials or hard alloy, with good wear-resisting performance, low cost of replacing wearing parts and meeting the sanitary standards of various products.

The flour machine such as Wheat Flour Milling Machine,is equipped with cooling device, which ensures the color, grade and quality of heat-sensitive materials. The ordinary type has good heat removal function, can avoid the deterioration of materials caused by temperature rise, and can work continuously.

Industrial Flour Mill Machine

The flour machine can clear the material and prevent clogging at any time without stopping the machine, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the automatic cleaning and crushing of many different materials. Uniform mixing, no residual powder, no cycle crushing, can ensure the uniformity of various components. No limit of feed size, no coarse crushing can be directly into the machine, and can adapt to a variety of different moisture content of materials, do not need to be equipped with drying equipment.

Small flour machinery can be used alone or with other equipment, no plant, no foundation, no fixed, easy to install and use, smooth operation.

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