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Industrial Flour machine common fault repair

Apr. 22, 2019

Flour machine common fault repair

Common problems - flour machine, grinding machine bearing problems maintenance bearing internal and external trap, rolling body loss is serious, Industrial Flour Mill Machine Manufacturer shares that need to change the new bearing.

(1) bearing wear, some can be repaired by welding car. For example, when the bearing runs the inner and outer rings, stop surfacing welding the shaft neck and inner hole of the end cover by electric welding, and then process it into the required size by lathe. Preheat before welding and end cover inner hole (150-250 ℃) preheating. J507Fe welding rod is commonly used for shaft, and ordinary cast iron electrode with hole in end cap. When the welding is finished, it is immediately buried in dry lime powder for slow cooling to control the phenomenon of quick-cooling brittleness. When permanent welding turning repair, must pay attention to: (1) concentricity correction is not greater than 0.015mm, avoid eccentric high-speed running noise increase, vibration heat, shorten the service life of the motor; (2) motor journal < 40mm, suitable for 6-8 equal line type surfacing, > 40mm shaft neck suitable for full surfacing. This is the shaft in the output power when the size of the transmission. No matter which kind of surfacing welding method, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of intermittent operation, symmetry welding, to prevent part of the welding stress is too high and the first question is too high, the formation of shaft concentricity change increase. (3) lathe processing, the following 11KW motor shaft turning roughness control 3.2 or so, 11KW motor shaft and end cover hole turning, it is best to use a grinder finishing, to ensure quality.

(2) when the separation between the rotor and the shaft occurs, the gap between the restored rotor and the shaft should be stopped by high-temperature resistant 502 adhesive. The injected parts should be placed vertically and the action should be rapid. After the two ends of the injection irrigation, and then with 40% of the saline compound irrigation, placed a few days after the assembly can be used.

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