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Operating Points Of Maize Barker

Jan. 09, 2019

When Corn Flour Milling Equipment produces corn products, one link is the peeling process, which requires the use of Maize Barker. The operator must first understand the operating procedures and safety common sense of the corn peeling machine, tighten the sleeves, wear masks and protective glasses during the operation.

As a supporting equipment in the corn processing machinery production line, the corn peeling machine has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, simple operation and low energy consumption, so that more farmers' friends can be freed from the heavy manual labor of corn. It is very popular among farmers. Pay attention to the operation:

1. First place the corn peeling machine on a flat and solid site, and the machine must be level and level.

2. Check the tightening of the bolts at each part. If it is loose, it must be retightened.

3. Check for consumable parts. If it is damaged, it must be replaced according to the specifications specified by the manufacturer, and the machine is not allowed to work.

4. Check if the circuit line is safe. It is forbidden to work under the condition of leakage.

5, power hook. The size of the power must match the machine and should not be used at will.

6. Adjust the belt. The tightness of the belt should be suitable. The loose belt is easy to slip and the rotation speed is insufficient, which affects the use and even causes the machine to block. If it is too tight, the motor load is too heavy and the bearing is on the machine and the bearing life is affected. Toggle the pulleys by hand to confirm that the drive trains are in a normal state.

Maize Barker

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