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Are You Using The Maize Barker Correctly?

Mar. 21, 2019

There are many steps to deal with raw food. Among them, corn peeling is a very important part of processing.

The corn peeling machine handles the quality of corn, which has a very important impact on the quality of corn borer. However, many people still do not know the purpose of corn peeling machine processing. Next, Flour Mill Manufacturer explained in detail to everyone, what is the specific use of grain peeling machine processing.

The processing of the Maize Barker is to peel off the corn surface skin layer, which is the basic step to ensure the subsequent processing quality of the corn and the extraction of the germ. Corn germ and corn endosperm are surrounded by germ layers. The exfoliated germ layer, which is easier to separate the embryo and the endosperm, can improve the efficiency of the grain processing equipment; it is clear that most of the corn kernel cortex is corn flour that does not stain the teeth. Improving the quality of corn peeling machine processing products will help to improve the purity of the products.

Nowadays, the corn peeling machine is more and more efficient, and the corn can be cleaned, peeled, de-embryo, rooted, black umbilical, broken, taken, graded, polished and selected.

Several precautions for the daily use of corn peeling machine:

1. Insufficient rotation due to excessive feeding of crops or loose belts, too wet crops, insufficient voltage, etc.

2. Check if the slag drain is blocked

3. If the belt is too tight or too much is fed into the crop, the motor load is too high.

Therefore, in the process of operating the corn peeling machine, the corn should be dried in advance, fed in an appropriate amount, uniform, and adjusted in speed.

Are You Using The Maize Barker Correctly?cid=333

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