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The Wheat Scourer Should Also Be Well Maintained When It Is Idle

Jan. 19, 2019

wheat scourer will produce a lot of wear after long-term use, so it is necessary to do maintenance work when the machine is idle. Wheat Flour Milling Equipment Manufacturer offers the following suggestions.

1. After useing, clean the dust and dirt of the machine inside and outside stalks, broken shells and other debris.

2. Apply anti-rust oil to the surface of unpainted metal parts such as drive pulleys and thresher rollers, and paint the racks, covers, etc. where the patent leather is removed.

3. Remove the motor, drive belt and other accessories and keep them together with other accessories.

4. Place the machine in a dry warehouse. When conditions permit, it is best to use a sleeper pad and cover with tarpaulin to prevent the machine from getting wet, exposed to the sun and rain.

5. Before the next use, the Precision Casting Wheat Scourer should be thoroughly cleaned and overhauled. All bearing housing covers should be opened to remove oil and debris, re-lubricate the oil, and replace the deformed and worn parts.

6. During the handling of the seed thresher, care should be taken to avoid collisions, so that it can be handled gently and placed stably.

Precision Casting Wheat Scourer

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