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Introduction To The Structure And Characteristics Of The Bucket Elevator.

Feb. 28, 2019

Both the Safe Bucket Elevator and the vertical bucket elevator are bucket elevators.

Bucket elevator structure:

The transmission is available in two versions, each with a YZ reducer and a ZQ (or YY) reducer. The YZ-type shaft reducer is directly mounted on the spindle shaft head, eliminating the hoist drive platform, coupling, etc., making it compact and lightweight, and the hoist has a special-shaped roller backstop inside, which is reliable. The reducer is low in noise, smooth in operation, and floats with the spindle to eliminate installation stress.

Bucket Elevator features:

1. The driving power is small. Inflow-type feeding, inductive unloading, and large-capacity hopper-intensive arrangement, there is almost no returning and excavation during material lifting, so the ineffective power is less;

2. The scope of promotion is wide. This kind of hoist has less requirements on the type and characteristics of materials, not only can improve the general powdery and small granular materials, but also can improve the materials with high abrasion resistance, good sealing performance and less environmental pollution;

3. Reliable operation. The advanced design principle and processing method ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours. The lifting height is high and the hoist is running smoothly, so a higher lifting height can be achieved;

4. Long service life. The feeding of the hoist is inflow type, no need to use the bucket to dig, and there is little squeezing and collision between the materials. It is designed to ensure that the material is less sprinkled during feeding and unloading, reducing mechanical wear.

Bucket Elevator

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