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How To Troubleshoot The Sensor Of The Scraper Conveyor?

Feb. 14, 2019

In addition to the chain scission sensor, the Scraper Conveyor is also very important and must also be equipped with a screed conveyor sensor. It should be noted that sometimes the sensor is faulty, causing the entire system to stop running.

As an operator of the scraper conveyor, it is necessary to know whether the fault is a sensor or a conveyor. In order to temporarily solve this problem, the operator sometimes uses the practice of shielding the PLC input signal. The fault detection method is to shield the shield from the inoperable sensor input signal, forcing the PLC to work properly to ensure the operation of the entire system. run.

During transportation, the Scraper Conveyor Supplier needs to pay close attention to the equipment detected by the shielding sensor in the scraper conveyor, because if the equipment fails and the control system cannot be found in time, serious consequences may result, such as damage to the process equipment and affecting work efficiency. In addition, after the end of the operation, it is necessary to cancel the shielded sensor signal and arrange the repair sensor problem as soon as possible to avoid affecting the operation of the scraper conveyor next time.

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