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The maintenance method after flour machine appears a few breakdown

May. 23, 2019

The maintenance method after flour machine appears a few breakdown

How should complete set of Flour Milling Machinery equipment overhaul after appearing a few breakdown? In fact, there are many things to pay attention to:

1, timely check the oil, flour machinery complete set of oil pump, according to the temperature choose no. 20-40 machine oil, or other viscosity of the hydraulic oil, oil check once every six months, remove the impurities in the oil.

2, check the belt tightness frequently. If the belt is too loose, the transmission efficiency will be reduced and the grinding effect will be affected.

3, all transmission parts of complete flour machinery equipment must be fastened and reliable. Special tools should be used for disassembly or installation.

Flour Milling Machinery

4, regular and orderly replacement of flour machinery complete set of equipment grinding roller, grinding roller can not be replaced too much at a time, at the same time, grinding roller diameter difference can not be too large, tooth roll Angle, slope, tooth number to be consistent with the provisions, to leave a certain tooth top plane.

5, often check the bearing temperature, if the temperature is too high, should check whether the lubrication and transmission part is normal, whether the rolling distance is too tight. Find out the reason in time and take corresponding measures. If the situation is serious, stop the machine for inspection.

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