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HBA Has Successfully Developed Flow Indicator

Under the leadership of Engineer Chu Huijun of our R&D Department, the research team has successfully developed flow indicator and applied for a patent. The indicator can test dluid flow rate and its accuracy can reach 0.2%.Now it has been equipped onto the dampening system of flour milling machinery and fluid additive system of feed machinery.The indicator can also be adjusted word as control equipment for interval filling, widely applied to the fields of edible oil filling, medicine bottling, etc.Test has been carried out in the field of flour fluid control. As shown by Engineer Chu Huijun’s data, the indicator’s measuring accuracy drops as the flour granularity increases. When the granularity of 30% of the flour is bigger than 140 mesh, the accuracy error will be higher than 5%. Now, the indicator is totally unsuitable for the measuring of flour’s flow rate.Engineer Chu Huijun expresses that he will lead the research team to make improvements to reach 0.5% accuracy. 

Our company has successfully developed two types of monitoring systems

Our R&D Department has successfully developed two types of equipment operation monitoring systems!
1. Guiderail movable camera: whatever equipment on any floor has a fault, the guiderail movable camera can access to the nearest position to the faulted equipment by technician’s instructions to monitor and inspect the fault.
2. Visible helmet: we’ve developed visible helmet. When operator or repairman meets with an equipment problem, they can take a video or photo with the helmet, then send it to company service station in time. Engineers at the service station can guide on-the-spot operations or repair work. The disadvantage of this helmet is that it must be connected with BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), while it’s still unknown whether BDS is open to the whole globe. So, this helmet video system cannot make long-distance transmissions yet.

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