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High Grade Ring Die Pellet Mill

Animal Feeding Machinery

■ It adopts high precision direct gear drive: high drive efficiency, stable operation, maximum energy transfer;
■ With whole stainless steel door, external discharge mechanism and inspection window;
■ The guiding double rollers in the pelletizing chamber are equipped with advanced alloy steel ring die or stainless steel ring die; ring die adopts quick-release hold hoop structure;
■ Imported bearings and oil seals are used for the key positions of drive system; long service life and low noise;
■ Whole stainless steel feeder; anti-bridging structure with variable screw pitch; variable frequency speed control;
■ Enlarged stainless steel conditioner; steam enters in axial direction and in this way it can improve conditioning and curing effect greatly.
■ The casing is manufactured with advanced processing center; the pore is highly precise;
■ The high precision drive gear and shaft adopt carburizing and quenching; it has hard tooth surface, even drive and low noise;
■ Iron removing and overload protection devices are equipped in full consideration of equipment protection during working;
■ New type Bibby coupler is used; with large compensation and steady operation;
■ Single-layer, dual-layer and multi-layer jacket conditioner or double-shaft differential diameter conditioner can be equipped to meet the different production demands of high grade livestock and poultry feeds and aquatic feeds.

Animal Feeding Machinery

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